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Click to watch the turret removal

Ohana timeline-01.jpg

It's really happening... construction on the Ohana Beach Club is underway and we look forward to our opening in the Summer of 2023.  Check back often as we will be updating photographs and checking things off on our timeline above. We are incredibly grateful to our team at WKR Custom Builders for their hard work bringing our vision to life and taking such good care of this special property in Cape May.

To preserve the historical standards of Cape May, and to build a structure that will withstand inevitable storms, renovations require multiple levels of review and approval and need to be built to the current safety standards. Because of the complicated nature of the project, we have had a  couple of starts and stops. The first step was the house lift. We had to raise the home in order to build a new foundation that could carry the weight of the new structure. Over 100 helical pilings needed to be driven down 20 feet. This was followed by a new block foundation.

The fasteners that are pictured below were then attached to the block wall, so when lowered back down the house could attach to the foundation. Up until this point, the house still looked the same. Constructed in the late 1800's the house endured several additions that compromised her architectural style. These side and rear additions were recently removed, as well as the third floor in its entirety, to accommodate a more symmetrical roofline. Prior to the third-floor removal, we were able to save the iconic turret which you can see in the video below. This will be repurposed for the final product.  

The most dramatic part of the deconstruction so far was the removal of the turret and three porches.  The final product will be the width of the original structure, and the depth consistent on both sides. This will allow the construction of five units in the main structure, vs. 9 in the prior structure. Each of the five-units will be spacious and have an unobstructed oceanfront view.

That's where we are now.... so what is next? The next step is framing, starting with the floor systems. We are paying special attention to floor and wall materials keeping privacy top of mind. Following framing, the walls, windows, siding, and allowing teams to work on the interior at the same time. Three levels of porches will be reconstructed, as well as the roofline will be constructed, and all of the exterior and interior. The exact timing and sequence will depend on the inevitable surprises that come up but the team is ready to continue to pivot to allow us to meet our timeline!

The rear house, the original carriage house, and the future Little Kahuna, which housed the horses that traveled with baggage on their backs down the Delaware River, will be converted into two units. The same furnishings finishes, and appliances will be applied to all units with the exception of the Penthouse which will be a step above the already beautiful finishes. 

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